Focus is all you need
is all you need
Your knowledge.
Secure & private.
No hallucinaton.
We build LLM AI's that are focused on your private data, stored securely in a separate memory module outside of the LLM, to stop hallucination.
Focused LLMs have many use cases as knowledge co-pilots in every industry.

Any situation where large amounts of information must be reliably understood, summarized, analyzed, or acted upon.

This includes education, finance, medicine, science research, written media, customer service, consumer goods, government, internal workflows and knowledge management and many others.

The memory module is your internal data — what you, our customer, define as the ground truth.

In our testing, we used college textbooks as the memory module. Our AI answers chapter questions with ~100% accuracy using only the information in the textbook. 

In other words, no hallucination.
Selected Pilots

Print media

Will be the first major news publication with a ChatGPT-like interface for its readers.

PE fund

Analysts will be able to “talk” to 2 million pages of deal docs.

Corporate travel

Customer service agents will have a co-pilot to help them navigate the arcane rules and procedures of airlines, hotel, car rental, train, and travel platforms.


SuperFocus is backed by venture capital funds and ultra-high net worth individuals with an unmatched track record in AI and deep tech investing.

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