Focus is all you need
is all you need
Your knowledge.
Secure & private.
No hallucination.
We build practical enterprise products with large language model AIs (LLMs, like ChatGPT) to help companies and their people perform better and faster.
Our AIs are focused on internal company data, which we store securely in a separate “memory module” outside of the LLM, to stop hallucination.

We've tested our method on college textbooks. Our models answer questions from the textbooks with ~100% accuracy.

No hallucination.

Focused LLMs have many use cases as “co-pilots” in every industry. Any situation where large amounts of information must be reliably understood, summarized, analyzed, or acted upon.
Selected Pilots


Our co-pilot answers question about policies, analyzes coverage, and can compare policies.


Our co-pilot can answer questions about, analyze, and summarize financial documents like transaction agreements, public filings, and research reports.  

Corporate travel

Our co-pilot produces step by step instructions from the arcane rules and procedures of airlines, hotel, car rental, train, and travel platforms.


SuperFocus is backed by venture capital funds and ultra-high net worth individuals with an unmatched track record in AI and deep tech investing.

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